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Tilly the cat-dog explorer

Lucy from Melbourne soul powerhouse The Sugarcanes, one of our favourite local bands, commissioned this portrait of Tilly for her parents as a housewarming present when they sold the family home and moved into a groovy inner-city pad.

Lucy from the Sugarcanes gave her parents this portrait of their dog Tilly for a housewarming present

Rescued around three years ago, Tilly is an affectionate cat-dog who has no concept of personal space and will lick inside your mouth if you let her. When Lucy’s folks first got Tilly, she was so keen to explore the world that she ran out of a hairdressers on Smith Street, chased by Lucy’s mum and the hairdresser, and was later found by a kind woman in the city after crossing six lanes of traffic on Victoria Pde. She has never been let off the leash again!

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